Finding ways to smile

Autumn means gorgeous roses in Mudgee. After some nice rain in the last month my garden has sprung back to life with brilliant roses and some unexpected surprises. Rose “Mardi Gras” is a stand-out for repeat flowering , longevity of blooms and lovely colour changes as the blooms age, from vibrant orange/yellow to soft pinks…

Blue Moon ticks lots of boxes

I’ve finally solved the mystery of the rose, planted by the previous owner of my house, that stands out from the crowd thanks to its divine fragrance. Until today I didn’t know its name. But now I do, thanks to my local gardening facebook group “All things gardening- Mudgee, Kandos and Rylstone”: it’s Blue Moon….

Plants for winter drama (updated)

If you see winter gardens as drab and lifeless, you may need to adjust your thinking (or your garden!). In the still, quiet wintery world, evergreen foliage, bark and seed pods become as interesting as flowers are in spring. The colour palette changes to a more subtle beauty. Winter hardening burnishes the browns, silvers and…

Mudgee in the Spring- fragrantissima bellissima!

Mudgee may be famous for its wine and honey, but for me, nothing beats its spectacular gardens. And if your dream garden involves sweet perfumes in the air, you should consider some of the of drought- and frost-tolerant plant types that, right now, are turning on the magic out here in the Central West. Roses…

Let there be flowers, and fragrance!

When Spring arrives, my heart leaps. Suddenly I’m aware of bees, and perfume in the air. Blossom trees are everywhere- an avenue of white-flowered Manchurian pears on Church Street; pink prunus scattered all over town. But whilst all this is happening, one of mother nature’s megastars is putting on a stunning show of its own, in gardens all over Mudgee….