Private: Creative Workshops- indulge your passion for flowers

Mudgee is bursting with new life in the garden and beyond. Inspired by the 2019 Mudgee Garden Spectacular, high-profile Mudgee watercolour artist Jenny Macnaughton will present a flower painting workshop, titled Express yourself with flowers, in Mudgee on the 19th of October.

Jenny will inspire and guide your creative adventure combining your passion for beautiful flowers with your desire to learn new skills. You’ll feel energised, with a sense of accomplishment, and you’ll take home a work of art that reflects your unique creative spirit.


Your workshop will run for a full day, so come for a country weekend getaway, and spend Sunday visiting the Mudgee Garden Spectacular open gardens.

To view details of the workshop, scroll down and click the picture below. To register, click “add cart” then checkout, followed by your registration details and payment.

Preview the 2019 Mudgee Garden Spectacular open gardens at

Take a peek at Mudgee’s glorious Springtime gardens, at Mudgee in the Spring- fragrantissima bellissima!

Get ready to learn new skills, delight your senses and nurture your creative spirit!

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