Hello, and welcome to my blog!

I’m Jane Munro, and I’d like to explain why I’m blogging about my dream garden.

I want to reach out to people, to share my gardening ideas and passions, and to learn from the ideas and passions of others.

As you’ve chosen to visit my blog, I assume you have more than a passing interest in gardens, and that your vision of gardening extends beyond the decorator-inspired, low maintenance ideal which seems very popular at present.

My childhood experience of gardens can be summed up in two words- real magic. From my earliest years, gardens offered a space for discovery and adventure, for experiencing true wonder and delight. Those feelings have never left me, and are now bursting to escape, and to be communicated to others.

My first grandchild entered the world recently. I want the world she grows up in to be filled with magical gardens, starting with my own. I’m on a journey towards creating that dream garden, and I hope you will join me on that journey.