Daffodils ignore Covid restrictions in Rydal

I didn’t wear a mask when I visited Rydal. From the outskirts and all the way into the village, crowds of daffodils were ignoring health orders,  putting on a gorgeous show. My heart skipped a beat.

Spring is a great time of year to visit this charming little village in central western NSW. “Daffodils at Rydal” is an annual event held in mid- September to celebrate the arrival of spring. The 2020 festivities were cancelled due to Covid 19, so we had the place almost to ourselves.

Rydal is listed as a heritage site, and is surrounded by magnificent countryside which is lush and green after the recent rain.

Want to know how to get there? Scroll down for some information.

The village is named after the English village of Rydal, home to William Wordsworth, famous for his poem “The Daffodils”. That’s the one that starts “I wandered lonely as a cloud…”. (There’s a weblink to the full text of the poem at the end of this article).

Rydal NSW, on a quiet Thursday in mid-September, is the perfect place to wander.

Prepare to be delighted by the hosts of golden daffodils growing wild, and carefully displayed in pretty parks and gardens, and to enjoy looking at the charming houses and historic railway buildings.

Where is Rydal and how do I get there?

Rydal is located 154 km north-west of Sydney, 6km off the Great Western Highway. It’s on the Main Western Railway Line and there are daily services from Rydal to Sydney and Bathurst. The Dubbo XPT also stops there.

There are more good things to know about Rydal- have a look at the website-  https://tourism.lithgow.com/rydal/

You can find the full text of Wordsworth’s “Daffodils” here. https://allpoetry.com/Daffodils

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  1. I have never been to Rydal! I must get there although I guess I have missed the best of the daffodils now…

    1. My Dream Garden says:

      I liked it very much- I thought it similar atmosphere to Hill End in many ways.

  2. Chris says:

    Another addition to the bucket list

    1. My Dream Garden says:


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