Lightbulb moment!

Arriving home after a couple of months away I was overjoyed (and surprised) to find the veggie seeds I optimistically planted in May turned into lush and luscious veggie crops! This has changed my whole outlook on veggie gardening in the central west.


Up to now my focus has been on spring and summer veggies, spending months and months pouring water into baking hot garden beds, always fighting a losing battle with very mediocre results. Not any more!

Watering is much more sensible in winter than the extremes of hot, dry weather we get from October onwards. And winter veggies are delicious!


I’m now eating sugar snap peas, coriander, tatsoi and warrigal greens til I can’t eat any more, as well as the last cherry tomatoes and the bonus crop of gorgeous red potatoes that came up from the remnants of last year’s crop.


Quietly getting on with it in the background are carrots, garlic, leeks, fennel and onions.

My favourite is the coriander which is surprisingly frost resistant. In the warmer months it runs to seed straight away. But here it is looking magnificent in July!


The warrigal greens are still going well too. Happy days!


Lettuce goes well in winter too.


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  1. Well done! Amazing what a bit of hands-off gardening can achieve!

    1. My Dream Garden says:

      Maybe there’s a message there for me…:-)

      1. Definitely! A bit purposeful neglect may be the trick!

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