Powerful exhibition by Mudgee region ceramic artists

“Drought and Back”, an exhibition by Mudgee region ceramic artists Country Clay Makers, is on show at the Stables Gallery in Market Street Mudgee.

Helen Swords- Planters and vase with grevillea decoration

Tomorrow is the last day and it’s not to be missed.

The Moon Holds Water by Pamela Welsh- with plant impression designs

Many of the exhibits evoke plants and crops, laid waste by the drought. There’s a pervasive sense of longing for recovery of the ecosystem represented by symbolic forms- like seed pods, flowers, stems and leaves.

Rosalie Swords, Seed Pod (Burnished, saggar fired) (Left), and Helen Swords Gumnut (right)

The seed pods are empty, a reminder that across the landscape, seeds have dispersed and are lying dormant, waiting for rain.

All the elements that make up these hand-wrought objects are mined from the earth’s crust- clays from ancient alluvial deposits, glazes made from various minerals – like silica, feldspar and different metallic oxides, which give a surprising range of colours.

Rosalie Swords Birds (barium glaze) (Left) and Bowl by Helen Swords (Right)

Fired in gas, electric or wood kilns, geological resources are transmuted into powerful works of art and craft, imbued with meaning through the ceramicist’s skill and vision.


Susan Bridgford “Ploughed Field” (Textured stoneware slab)

A lament for country in the grip of drought.


Susan Foldhazy “Drought Slab” (Slip, dry glaze and crackle glaze)

If you can’t make it to the Stables tomorrow, you’ll be able to catch the exhibition later in the year at Artisan café.


Rosalie Swords, Seed Pod (Burnished, saggar fired)

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