A flower painting workshop in Mudgee

At Jenny Macnaughton’s painting workshop “Express yourself with flowers” you’ll learn the skills you need to paint flowers in the medium of your choice. Irrepressible Jenny’s energy and dedication will inspire you. You’ll learn, have fun and enjoy the creative spirit of your fellow students.

To see more about the workshop, and read more about Jenny, click on the Creative Workshops page.

I chatted with Jenny about her life as an artist, as we drove to Coolah where her paintings are on show at the Pandora Gallery.

Jenny has been painting since before the age of 7, and has taught for over 30 years.

Jenny’s an avid gardener, and her flower paintings are lovely. Not surprising when I see the photos of the stunning garden she and late husband David created in their rainforest hideaway on the edge of an extinct volcano in Dorrigo. Jenny moved to Mudgee a few years ago, to be close to family.

At Dorrigo, Jenny started with a small garden, which just kept growing. With a fantastic climate and plenty of rain she grew orchids, magnolias, dogwoods, peonies, azaleas, spring bulbs, tree ferns, rhododendrons, daylilies, irises, Australian natives- the list is endless- not to mention the huge veggie garden. “I kept increasing the size of the house yard, which is how I learned to do fencing- I became quite good at it!” Jenny said.

If you live in Mudgee you’ll probably have seen Jenny’s paintings in galleries and cafes, or her prize-winning entries at the Mudgee Show. Her rural and bush landscapes capture the unique character of our region. I asked if she has a favourite painting subject. “No” she replied, with a smile. “I love everything! One day I’ll pack up Snoopy (the whippet) and just go- I’ll stop wherever I want and paint it“.

Jenny’s other interests include amateur radio and music. She loves listening to classical music while she paints, played through her amazing home-built valve amplifier. “I went to a performance of Firebird when I was ten years old. The scenery and the music amazed me- the memory still send tingles up my spine.”

Jenny has taught hundreds of workshops over the years. “I fell into teaching and immediately I really enjoyed it.” she says. “I like all the different personalities of the students.”

Jenny sees potential for art works all around her. As we drive over the crest of a hill at Birriwa, she exclaims at the vista spread out in front of us. “I must come back here and paint this view!” she says. And she will.

Photographs by Antoinette, Moi Moi Photography, Mudgee

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