Found objects find new life in creatives’ garden

Scattered throughout Margaret and Con’s free-spirited garden in the rainforest-clad hills near Mullumbimby are countless quirky, odd and lovely objects. Most have been found in nature, or in second hand shops and garage sales. Here are some of my favourites.

This rusted yet still elegant enamel jug is perfect for growing succulents- succulents and rusted metal are an irresistible combination.

Continuing the theme, an ancient piano frame forms a trellis for the tendrils and wisps of Spanish Moss and Chain of Hearts.

An old cast iron wheel does a similar job for jasmine and this tropical creeper.

This collection of weird metal objects reminds me of giant leeches…we are in the rain forest here, after all!

There are some much sweeter animals in the garden, too, like this gorgeous old rabbit…

…and these little birds nesting in a weathered old tree root.

Some pots that Con made are left outside to catch water.

Margaret created this simple water feature with a hollowed-out sandstone block, waterworn river cobbles and gnarled, weathered timber. It looks beautiful with the rainforest reflections and fallen flowers of the pink frangipani.

It was Christmas when I last visited, and the decorations were up, including these seed pods which Margaret collected in the forest and painted bright red. Many happy hours were spent under this shady lattice of tropical vines.

A jade plant made a more conventional Christmas tree, with shiny red baubles.

In a secluded corner of the garden, I found this arrangement of smooth grey creek pebbles, and pale green water-worn glass, which Margaret has placed in the hollow of a weathered piece of timber.

Weathered tree roots make interesting containers for growing succulents too.

The sinuous curves of this timber slab make a bench seat from which to enjoy the rainforest views.

Mosaic concrete pavers bid you welcome, and farewell.

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Do you have interesting found objects in your garden? I’d love to include your photos in another post on this subject. You can email me via the Contact tab.

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    All lovely, and desirable objects. Some good ideas for me, Jane!

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