Grand Vision at Oakey Creek

Another great open garden in the 2018 Mudgee Garden Spectacular was at Oakey Creek, on Burrundulla Road near Mudgee. The experience of this splendid garden begins with a stroll down its enchanting poplar-lined driveway, which opens onto a vast area of lawn deeply bordered by perennial shrubs and tall trees.

Arriving here, it is good to sit, relax and take in the vista, but you’ll also want to get moving, attracted by glimpses of inviting places beyond.

Gardener Deb, a diligent reader and researcher, has created microclimates to suit her favourite plants, and her garden has a huge selection of drought- and frost-tolerant plant varieties.


There are hundreds of David Austin and hybrid tea roses, and spring bulbs of every kind. Daffodils, bluebells, grape hyacinth, lily of the valley, paper whites, freesias, and crocus- have naturalised throughout the garden.

There are iris, crepe myrtles, and very old espaliered apple and pear trees.

I was lucky enough to have a preview of Oakey Creek’s garden in September, in preparation for the Mudgee Garden Spectacular open day. I was treated to a classic early spring garden vista, with naturalised carpets of bright golden daffodils under still-bare deciduous trees. It’s visions like this which gave me the love of gardens from a very young age.

Deb has planted many varieties of bulbs with different flowering times, so the gorgeous display continues in waves over many weeks.

At the open garden in October, hellebores and bluebells were demurely displaying their pretty faces in the shady garden areas, while vibrant pansies and ranunculi were showing off their bright colours in the sunnier spots.

Deb has created a lovely tranquil garden area featuring several contrasting varieties of Acer (maple).

Spring is celebrated spectacularly with vivid brightly coloured annuals, a riotous display contained by the Buxus hedging of the more formal areas.

Each part of the garden has its own particular character.

White pebble pathways strongly delineate the layout of the gardens closest to the residence.

Happy are these charming geese, to have the run of this gorgeous garden.


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  1. WOW! There are some talented and hard-working gardeners in our region! Mel

  2. ana maria says:

    Hi Jane.This was the only garden I missed and I wish I didn’t.I was told it was beautiful! I can see by the photos. I wonder if they open their garden any other day as I would love to go to see it.

    1. My Dream Garden says:

      Hi Ana Maria, shame you missed this lovely garden. I don’t know if they will open the garden any other time- I will ask. Jane

  3. tonytomeo says:

    Are formal rows of trees like those in the first picture still popular there? Designers really dislike them here. It is annoying for those of us who crave the elegance of formality.

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